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About Us

EuaCosmos.com is a group of young and very talented individuals with great passion for web developing. We are highly experienced in creating webGIS applications and websites using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and relevant frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap.

We are also very skilled in Python C/C++ programming and QGis environment so we are ready to incorporate that knowledge in our projects.

Individually, our members have worked with both the public and private sector, outsourcing projects for more than five years. Also they have worked as freelancers since 2008, successfully creating good looking and user friendly websites or applications.

In August 2016, the team has launched a webGIS application under the name FWM (Fthiotis Weather Map) which shows live weather conditions in Fthiotis Region, Greece, using data from private weather stations.

Early in 2017, the QOrthoPhoto plug-in was created. QOrthoPhoto is a plugin, that allows to perform Orthorectification of aerial imagery within the QGIS environment.

Argyros Argyridis
Co-Founder & CEO

Dimitris Sakellariou
Co-Founder & CEO

Our Services

Our webGIS applications are accessible via a personal computer or laptop, using an up to date browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

We aim at creating user friendly applications with easy navigation and of course responsive design to match any device.
Our applications are known for being bug free and really fast.

Android OS or iOS Applications

We can deliver top quality for your smartphone application idea. Don't let your competitor kill your business, get in front of him today by creating an application to attract your customers.

Static or dynamic, the website is the heart of your business. We can make your online presence stand out!

After several years of creating websites for companies or individuals around the world, we can help you out establish your site, shop or blog online.
One page website, WordPress, wooCommerce or a custom CMS, make sure you contact with us.

GIS Applications

Include tasks such as surveying land, plots and buildings, expert opinions, energy certificates, cadastre, arbitrary settlements and more. Contact us today to get your quote!

Remote Sensing Applications

Include tasks such as historical documentation of a construction, photointerpretation expert, recognition of crops, small-scale mapping, etc.

Fthiotis Weather Map by eCosmos

Fthiotis Weather Map

FWM is a webGIS application to view the current weather conditions in Fthiotis Region, Greece. The application is using data from local private weather stations.

QOrthoPhoto Plugin by eCosmos

QOrthoPhoto Plugin

QOrthoPhoto is a plug-in that allows to perform Orthorectification of aerial imagery within the QGIS environment.


Meet the Team

Argyros Argyridis Photo

Argyros Argyridis Remote Sensing & GIS

Dimitris Sakellariou Photo

Dimitris SakellariouWeb Developer & Programmer

Anastasia Sarelli Photo

Anastasia SarelliSocial Networks Manager

Stelios Sk Photo

Stelios SkarakisHydrology & GIS Expert